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Millersville Chiropractor

Our Millersville chiropractors have a reputation for the distinctive service it gives to all its chiropractic patients. Our services revolve around non-invasive and all natural methods to treat your condition, and the Millersville chiropractor enjoys seeing the results without the use of medications or surgeries. Family chiropractic care has now formed a special meaning to each of our Millersville chiropractors.

The basis is established on a comprehensive assessment of pain and discomfort. While there are many chiropractic techniques taught in the world, the Millersville chiropractors have mastered the most important of them in working with each individual. The first step of the process is the proper diagnosis, and the Millersville chiropractor is trained to correctly diagnose your problem.

The Millersville chiropractors have made it their life's goal to help other people recover and get back to normalcy through chiropractic care. It's a long term process, and the Millersville chiropractor knows that over time, you will be able to live pain and problem free. The Millersville chiropractors also seek to establish a relationship of superior health and higher expectations of long-term wellness through chiropractic care. Each clinic and Millersville chiropractor is at the forefront in utilizing state-of-the-art and most innovative techniques, including nutritional teachings and coaching.

The Millersville chiropractor is proud of their capability to serve the special needs of each new patient and going beyond their anticipation. Whether it's information about chiropractic you need, or you want an appointment with one of the Millersville chiropractors you can call us and we will gladly answer. Don't hesitate. Our Millersville chiropractor is here to help you!

Welcome From Dr. Harold Godshall
Dr. Harold Godshall

Godshall Chiropractic was formed in September of 1978 by Harold and Joni Godshall. Together, they first opened the clinic in 1978 in the Village Plaza of Millersville. Within seven years, the business outgrew the location and moved to the lower level of the same building.

The business...

The Background and Philosophy of Chiropractic: The Basis of the Education of Chiropractic Physicians
Chiropractic care goes back a long time ago. As far back as 2700 B.C. and 1500 B.C., Chinese and Greek literature mentioned spinal manipulation as a pain reduction method and treatment of the lower...
Actions that Likely Lead To Cervical Unease and Holistic Therapies that Will Alleviate Pain
Your neck, which is also known as the cervical spine, consists of seven vertebrae. The neck originates at the base of the skull. Your neck is what holds your head upright, which actually weighs...
Recognizing Subluxations of your Back Along with Comprehending Therapy Resources
In chiropractic language, a "subluxation" means a dislocation of the vertebrae that impairs its functioning. The chiropractor locates the spot in which to perform spinal adjustments as a result of...
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